Touring Australia

Anyone would surely appreciate the beauty of the vast land that Australia can offer. Being one of the 17 mega diverse country, it is a home to a majority of earth’s life forms. You’ll observe in awe as you witness the beauty of nature around. This is one reason why many consider their travel to Australia as an experience of a lifetime. It allows them to enjoy Australia vacation by exploring the uniqueness of each city.

Australia vacation is a trip to the world’s 6th largest country. One could imagine how grand a complete travel to Australia is. The choices for your vacation are plenty which makes it necessary to get enough travel information on any of your travel to Australia. Secure a helpful tool like Australia travel guide to explore different locations in the country.

If you are interested on the business side on any of your travel to Australia, your trip will be paid off as you witness the view and development from this highly advanced country.

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Australia is rich with historical events making it as an interesting source of information. It was believed that around 50,000 years had passed since the first Australian Aborigines arrived from the South East part of Asia by boat. Around one million of these Aborigines lived as hunters or gatherers. They also lived by travelling to trade and find water, food or seasonal produce.

Australia was discovered by a Dutch explorer named Willem Janszoon in 1606. It was on 1770 that James Cook explored the Eastern Coast of Australia and claimed it to be part of Great Britain. On Jan 26, 1788, 11 British ships arrived in Sydney. That day was the arrival of 751 convicts that started the penal colony in Sydney. Australians now celebrate Australia Day every 26th of January. A few years later, arrival of convicts lessened and was stopped in 1868. On early settlement, they were dependent on supplies provided and brought by ships. Farms began to flourish as lands were given to settlers. In 1810, major roads were laid out and public buildings were built in Sydney. With the helped of Governor Lachlan Macquarie, he created the foundation of a civil society.

Indigenous Australia lessened in number in the 19th century because of diseases and clash created with the exploring colonies. Increased in population growth and change in lifestyle also occurred when gold were discovered in 1851. British colonies begun to gain autonomous democracy starting from New South Wales in 1788, 1825 for Tasmania, 1829 for Western Australia, year 1836 for South Australia, 1851 for Victoria, and 1859 for Queensland. January 1, 1901 was a start of the new Australia with the formation of the Commonwealth. A federal parliament was initially opened in May 1901 at Melbourne.

Australia fought hand in hand with Great Britain on the World War I. On World War II, U.S. became their new ally. Later, foreign policies on relationship with other nations were developed as they continue to maintain their close ties to their long time allies and business partners. The rich history of Australia can further be discovered as you travel to Australia.

Geography and Climate

Australia is known as an island continent or largest island worldwide. In terms of the country’s area, it is the 6th largest with a geographic size of 2.97 million square miles.

As you travel to Australia, you should not miss its dramatic scenery. The interior part of its wide land is known for its outback settings. Its desert outback is dry, too hot and unproductive. The grassland on Eastern Australia is used for ranches to raise cattle and sheep. If you love the countryside landscape travel tips are available so that you can maximize every trip and enjoy its bountiful scenery. There are Australia travel guide available to ease your travelling experience.

The beauty of nature can be seen on the plateaus and mountain areas distributed in various part of the country. On the southeastern part you can see the wonder of Blue Mountains. Its name is derived from the blue vapor coming from the oil droplets of various eucalyptus trees. Australia travel can be fun and exciting as you enjoy the trip with your family. Make every Australia vacation well-planned and complete by enjoying the scenery of Australia’s coastal beaches.

In any travel information you will discover that a great percentage of Australians lived in the city or town. They mostly lived in the eastern coast and southern coast while a number occupying Perth on the western side.

Australia’s large area would mean that there’s a variety of weather condition. Travel information would show that there are no severe extremes on their climate. Starting June until August, the southern part of Australia is cold. Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria have chilly weather. Summer is sometimes hot but oftentimes it has pleasant warm climate. Autumn or transition month starts on March to May. Far north has two seasons. They are hot and wet or hot and dry. The dry season starts from April to September while wet season starts from October to March. The center area of the country is arid which means that it is hot and dry on daytime, but is often cold during the night.

If you want to experience and visit the beauty of nature with a weather that’s perfect to travel in Australia there are Australia travel agencies around to suggest the best month of the year for an enjoyable Australia vacation. Follow travel tips to lessen discomfort while travelling. Travel to Australia is generally easy since you have options to travel at anytime of the year in any part of Australia. Try to avoid traveling to key destinations during peak seasons such as public holidays due to over crowding.

States and Territories

The six states of Australia are New South Wales, Tasmania, Southern Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria. Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory are the two mainland territories of Australia.

The six states and mainland territories is governed by its own legislative bodies bounded by the framework of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Popular Destinations in Australia

There are several popular destinations in the different cities of Australia. In the vibrant city of Sydney, it has many things to offer to local and international guests. You should not miss the Sydney Harbour as you watched sailing ships and ferries. This activity is always included on any travel to Australia. The Harbour Bridge is Sydney’s tourism symbol and is more attractive at night as it shines bright with magnificent lights around it. Sydney Opera house is another well-known international landmark. This 38 years old structure took 14 years before it was finally opened last October 20, 1973. Australia travel allows visitor to see such fascinating building and experience fine dining on its restaurants.

If you want a nature trip, the rugged beauty created by rocky formations of Blue Mountains makes it another key destination to visit in your travel to Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef is a must see tourist destination. Travel to Australia and include a trip to this world’s sought after underwater attraction. Every diver appreciates the underwater experience as it reveal colorful coral garden with wonderful coral collections one can imagine. For tourists to enjoy and get the chance to experience viewing this natural wonder, you can avail services from Australia travel agencies or various operators of vessels and aircraft operating within the area.

Gold Coast is proud of its fine weather where visitors can enjoy most of its tourist attractions with no problem. If you love the sun, sand and enjoy surfing with clean air and less stressful lifestyle, Gold Coast is a place to visit. Australia travel guide will orient you how to greatly enjoy the wonderful weather in Gold Coast. The availability of great accommodation all year round with varying tourist attractions from them parks, racing events, wonderful beaches, great shopping place and restaurants makes Australia vacation as another sought after place for every family.

Australia Outback allows you to experience fishing, camping, watching birds, driving adventures or star gazing and many more. It has amazing tours for anyone to enjoy nature.

Freycinet National Park is like a precious gem in Tasmania. It shows Australia’s unspoiled nature. This attraction in Tasmania is a paradise for wildlife such as wallabies, native birds, migratory whales and sea lines. It is best to consult Australia travel guide to have enough time to enjoy the scenery. King Island and Flinders Island are among the tourist destinations in Tasmania.

Touring Australia

Exploring Australia is an experience one will always treasure. You can choose to enjoy your vacation and travel to Australia by visiting historical places, go nature tripping or just stay in urban haven to have fun with families and friends. There are also a number of festivals and great events every month. This allows you to have fun, enjoy the variety of food and entertainment from concerts to art events and sport games to watch. Whatever you prefer, touring Australia will refresh your mind from you busy day to day lifestyle.

Australia is a beautiful country and the Aussies are very friendly and warm people. They love to spend time in the outdoors exploring their beautiful nature while doing activities such as surfing, biking or hiking. People also enjoy spending time at home watching their favorite rugby games or surfing the web playing at online casinos or regular online gaming websites. Just like in most countries today, technology and computer & mobile devices such iPad and iPhoness play a huge role in their day-to-day life. Sports like rugby and soccer are also very popular and the regular punters enjoy their weekend games on the telly with the occasional betting slips and rugby bets placed on their favourite team to win. Needless to say, the Aussies enjoy all the activities that ranges from computers to sports that most people everywhere else in the world do.