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Surfing at Surfers Paradise

Surfing at Surfers Paradise

Australia adventure tours offer several choices of popular destinations for individuals to discover amazing sights in Australia. For a large country like Australia, you need experts to help you find the best sights and experience popular adventures in Australia. Wherever your location is, they can suggest the perfect Australia adventure travel to meet your desire and budget. Guided Australia adventure saves you time and money since they know the best route to let you arrive on a location on time and still get the chance to be back on the same day. They can also provide you with the best vehicle that can accommodate a group to ensure the comfort and safety you want in a trip.

You can start your Australian adventure holiday by hiking, bushwalking or rock climbing. If you like water adventures, you can go surfing, canoeing, kayaking or rafting. There is always an Australian adventure you can look forward to as you visit the different favorite destinations in Australia.


For your Australian adventure travel, Kirra of Queensland and Burleigh Heads of Gold Coast has good waves anytime of the year. Margaret River of Albany in Western Australia has famous breaks that are also good for surfing. Sydney offers Byron Bay as another good location for surf beaches. In Sydney you can also choose to go surfing to Crescent Head, Port Macquarie of Forresters Beach.

Shark Fishing

If you want to test your strength and courage for a challenging type of a “Down Under” adventure, you can try shark fishing in Western Australia. There were adventurous group who tried it along the beach of Boat Harbour. After a successful catch you can release the shark to avoid legal problems.


Australia adventure travel should be well-planned to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Australia adventure tours include a visit to National Parks of Tasmania. Mount Field National Park and Franklin Gordon National Park are places you can also visit and enjoy by hiking. As you stroll and go up the Water Tower Hill you can take a view of Macquaire Harbor. Blue Mountains of Sydney and Atherton Tablelands of Cairns are some popular place for another hiking Australia adventure.


If you just want to experience another thrilling adventure that Australia has to offer, bushwalking is perfect for you. Bushwalking is another favorite and popular adventure in Australia. A location great for this Australia adventure in Queensland is the Daintree World Heritage Area. The experience will help us learn about mangroves and its importance. Bushwalking in Mossman Gorge of Cairns allow us to learn the way of life of aboriginal people.

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting

To add fun on your adventures in Australia, you can try canoeing Blackwood River of Western Australia or Coorong of South Australia. Kayaking along St Kilda Beach is another activity you can enjoy in Melbourne and Harbour Bridge of Sydney. This can also be done in Katherine Gorge of North Territory and Lake Burley Griffin of Canberra.

Franklin River of Tasmania and Tully River of North Queensland is a good place for white water rafting. The rapids allow you to experience a different kind of thrill most young loved to encounter. Canberra also offers activities such as skydiving and whitewater rafting for your Australia adventure tours. Experience the fun and feel the adventurous side of Australia according to your desire.

Rock Climbing

Another popular adventure in Australia is rock climbing. There are programs designed depending on your age and capability to do the difficult job of rock climbing. There are also options to suit your budget, time and ability. Excellent location to try rock climbing can be done in several climbing locations of Australia. If you are in New South Wales, you can try this popular activity in Blue Mountains, Booroomba, Bungonia Gorge, or Point Perpendicular. In Victoria, Arapiles, Mount Bufallo and The Grampians is a good location. Queensland can boast Townsville and Frog Buttress as another climbing site. In Tasmania, you can try the Freysinet Peninsula, Adamsfield or Organ Pipes. You can also choose to do this popular adventure in Australia in Margaret River, Kalbarri and Peak Charles of Western Australia. Ormiston George and Unbrawarra for North Territory is another great climbing site. Choose the best location near you and have fun. Make your Australia travel tours memorable by joining groups and have fun with your friends. There’s a variety of ways you can do to maximize your Australia adventure.

Have time to plan for a vacation with your friends so you can view exciting natural wonders through many Australian travel tours. You can also have more fun by visiting Great Barrier Reef of Queensland. It is a marine paradise any Australia adventure travel holiday should include. The coral formation in it is a natural wonder everyone are welcome to explore. Reef walking as another great adventure can be done to get the chance to vividly see marine life in its splendid formation. You can also do skin diving or scan the surface through a low-flying plane.