Map & Weather of Australia

Australia Weather Map

Australia has several regions with varying weather condition. Seeing the map of Australia would show you that each city has different weather in a year. The location of the map of Australia will show the location of the southern tropic or also called Tropic of Capricorn. This is where the sun is directly overhead.

Hot and Humid

The northern part of Australia is the tropical region. This means that the climate in Australia’s northern area has high humidity and temperature with only two seasons. These are wet seasons and dry seasons. The dry weather in Australia has cooler temperatures and low humidity. With this, it gives clearer skies and no rainfall.

During wet seasons extreme rainfalls with thunderstorms and monsoon depression occur. This type of Australian weather usually happens in the north. If you look at the map of Australia, it would affect Queensland. Such weather in Australia affects Western Australian, Northern Territory and Queensland coast.

Warm and Humid

This type of Australian climate covers the city of Brisbane. This climate has warm and humid summer. Their winter is dry and moderately warm. This climate in Australia can be appreciated during winter, autumn or spring. Summer is not a good season to visit such climate zone. It is therefore best to plan an activity on winter.

Hot Dry Summer and Warm Winter

It covers the middle part of Australia and the red desert. This includes Alice Springs of Northern Territory or Red Centre. This type of weather is characterized by sunny and warm winter days with cold nights. A day during summertime is usually hot with warm nights. Such weather is due to a trough or a boundary between east and west.

Hot Dry Summer and Cold Winter

Driest regions in Australia experience drought. This includes central Australia affecting the southern part of Western Australia, Northern Territory and most part of South Australia. West of Queensland, New South Wales and part of Victoria has this type of climate. On this region, intense heat is experience on daytime and intense cold at night time.


The temperate part in Australia is affected by the four seasons. Generally, it is between high to low temperature or 50 degrees Celsius to sub-zero temperatures. With the existence of oceans around, the low temperature weather in Australia is not similar to extreme lows in other areas or continents. They often have moderate rainfall with hot to cold temperatures. Temperate regions are Tasmania, large part of Victoria and New South Wales to southern parts of Queensland, southernmost part of South Australia and tip of Western Australia. Being in the temperate region would mean variable weather in Australia.

Cool Temperate

This weather in Australia has mild temperate climate. Such cool temperate weather gives us a pleasant summer, although summer snow may fall in some region. With intense summer sunshine, people prefer to go hiking and cycling during autumn. Wildflowers are also seen during summertime. The city of Canberra has this type of weather. They have warm and a bit of dry summers with chilly winters.

As you live with the weather in Australia, it is common to experience droughts and unpredictable rainfall. Such weather would result to long, dry and hot environment with dry winds coming from the interior causing bush fires. This makes water as important resources to Australians.

In contrast, the weather in Sydney is fair near the coastal area while extreme temperatures are documented in the center area of its western border. The temperate climate of Sydney produces warm summers with January as the warmest month. Considering the hot climate in the city, it is not affected by cyclones. The city has mild winters and rainfall is distributed all year round.

The weather in Adelaide makes it as a good destination for travelers. They have mild winters giving a cool atmosphere and no snowfalls. It makes autumn a perfect season which starts from the month of May until June. Spring gives an erratic weather in Adelaide. Rainfall is sparse which happens in summer. Weather in Adelaide is great which attracts and allows travelers to enjoy their vacation.

Fore more weather information and warnings, visit the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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