Trip Planning

Quantas Airlines over Sydney

Quantas Airlines over Sydney

Planning a trip to Australia can be a challenging experience. Knowing that Australia offers a lot of great places to explore, it requires you to consider several Australia traveling tips. Although Australia is a safe place for tourists to travel anytime of the year, following Australia traveling tips can make the experience enjoyable with less trouble. It gives you the chance to explore as many tourist spots and unique landscapes as you can. As you plan a trip to Australia take time to read Australia traveling tips to ensure you are prepared for long walks and for a safe travel. Be guided on important information we’ve complied such as flights, airport transfers and many more to help you for an enjoyable vacation.


Choosing from the vast tourist destination in Australia is easy since there are numerous airlines to choose from. Planning a trip to Australia can be done in advance so that you can secure discounts. There are direct and connecting flights available to choose from according to your desired flight schedule. Most visitors choose to fly first to Sydney for them to see the famous Sydney harbor and Sydney Opera House. Australia traveling tips encourages you to book early if you plan a trip to Australia so that you will get the best seat in your favorite event. If you are a sports fan you can get the chance to watch any sports match event you want. A choice of airlines includes Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Delta, American Airlines and many more. If you need assistance, you may contact travel agencies.

Airport Transfers

Shuttle bus, modern coaches and mini coaches are use to provide fast service to clients. Public transportations are also available and this includes taxi, bus and train. Check your Australia traveling tips manual for any available transfer service agency that employs professional and trained drivers.

Since airport transfer service is available to travelers, you can choose from the list on your Australia traveling tips manual so that you can arrange the airport transfer early. The need to book airport transfer should be included on your list of things to do when you plan a trip to Australia. Airport transfer services are available daily. They can pick up visitors or travelers from major hotels and surrounding areas. Australia traveling tips guides you that some transportation operators have limited destinations. Check their services well. They also require booking for 48 hours before the scheduled trip.


Apply for the proper visa if you plan a trip to Australia. Travelers, except Australian or New Zealand citizens should secure a visa upon entering the country. Depending on your need, you can apply for student, working or tourist visa. Secure valid passport and the corresponding visa if you plan a trip to Australia before leaving your point of origin. Tourist visa is usually allowed for three months and if you want you can apply for an extension. If you are doubtful on the proper visa you need, it is better to verify from the Australian Embassy.

Customs and Quarantines

Arriving and departing travelers are bound to follow border protection guidelines. They are required to submit documents and give important information for clearance from customs. If you plan a trip to Australia, travelers should declare the items they brought with them. This includes currency on hand. As you travel the different favorite destinations in Australia avoid buying souvenirs not qualified for custom clearance. With this, travelers should secure the necessary guidelines on what to bring back to Australia. This is important if you intend to travel overseas. Items such as weapons, firearms, drugs, steroids and protected wildlife are not allowed on any trip going to Australia.

Customs and quarantines play an important role in protecting Australia’s environment and agricultural industries. Strict implementation to screen all passengers’ baggage can be done using an X-ray machine or detector. Be prepared for any screening if you plan a trip to Australia. The use of dogs and physical inspection is another way to screen items brought by sea and air passengers. Following the guidelines will help preserve Australia’s environment. Plan a vacation and remember the restrictions you need to comply. This helps you to enjoy every travel destination when you plan a trip to Australia.


Any personal medicines a traveler need to bring to Australia should be declared upon arrival. They are subject to approval and because of this it is important to bring prescription or certification from the doctor regarding any medical condition and medicines you carry on your trip.

More Travel Tips

If you are travelling with a disabled companion or one needing special care, check availability of facilities to avoid discomfort. As you plan a vacation, safety should always be your first concern. Avoid sun exposure by wearing hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and shirt. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water. Planning a trip to Australia is easy since there are various guides you can refer to. If you go swimming Australia traveling tips reminds visitors not to swim alone. You also need to check water level and depths. Always observe Australia traveling tips at all times.